The Colombian mints of Cartagena and Santa Fe de Bogota

The province, later the viceroyalty, of the New Kingdom of Granada struck gold cobs at two mints. The officina of Cartagena struck gold two and one escudos from 1625 to 1635. The mint of Santa Fe struck gold in 1622 and from 1627 to 1756. Before the 1740’s Santa Fe struck only one and two escudos. In the 1740’s Santa Fe began to strike small mintages of four and eight escudos.

The Illegal Cartagena Mint of 1655

C88. Nuevo Reino de Granada (modern Colombia). Cartagena mint. (1655) CS. Four reales. An illegal issue struck after June 21st, 1655 for several months on the orders of Cartagena Governor Zapata. Very rare. Three collectible specimens are confirmed, plus a damaged coin de-accessioned from the Florida State Collection in 2001. The Florida State Collection retains [...]

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Bogota 1665 Two Reales (2 Known)

C74. Nuevo Reino (modern Colombia), mint at Santa Fe de Bogota, 1665 two reales. Very rare (two known). This is the Restrepo COINS OF COLOMBIA plate coin (p.75, type M31-16)). From the Joseph Lasser Collection. The Potosi mint scandal of the 1640's forced Philip IV to redesign all of his New World silver coinage. Santa [...]

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The Last Gold Cobs

C72. Nuevo Reino (modern Colombia), mint at Santa Fe de Bogota, 1751 FS four escudos, very rare (two known, this one the best and the only one fully dated). Large planchet for these compact final issues, which are almost always weakly struck. Reverse of 1751-52 with bold REX 1751 HISPAN in the upper legend. NGC [...]

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